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Commercial Pilot Ground & Flight Training Course

Next step after Private Pilot Course

Course Outline

Advanced ground schooling on the following subjects:

  • Advance Air law
  • Advance Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Advance Aircraft Flight Performance & Planning
  • Advance Human Performance
  • Advance Meteorology
  • Advance Navigation
  • Advance Operational Procedures
  • Advance Principles of Flight
  • Radiotelephony

A Private Pilot certificate is pre-requisite in order to acquire a Commercial Pilot Certificate. Commercial Pilot ground school averages one hundred (100) hours of ground schooling and additional minimum flight time of one hundred ten (110) hours over and above the Private Pilot flight time acquired. Rating on a higher horsepower aircraft is required.

Twin engine training may be conducted further in order to acquire a multi-engine rating.

Flight Simulator Training with Instrument ground schooling are to be undertaken for the pilot to have Instrument Rating. Additional twenty (20) hours of actual instrument flight is required.

CAAP Written and Practical tests are to be hurdled in order to acquire the Commercial Pilot License. This license allows the holder to make a living as a pilot thereafter.

CAAP minimum required flight training hours is at least One Hundred Fifty (150) hours in order to have CPL Written Examination Permit. Each aircraft type rating requires a minimum of Ten (10) flying hours and a corresponding CAAP theoretical examination and practical checkride.

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